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Automated perimeter
The visual field test that
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Advanced testing and analysis software.
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Progression Analysis
Track visual field loss over time with our advanced progression analysis software.
Stimuli in the virtual reality headset are presented to each eye independently.
Global Access
Access results from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device with our HIPAA compliant website.
Reports can be downloaded as PDF files and uploaded into any EHR.
Superior 36
Full Threshold
4-7 min / eye
BOLT Threshold
3-5 min / eye
1-2 min / eye
1-2 min / eye
False Positives
False Negatives
Fixation Losses
Mean Deviation
Pattern Standard Deviation
Glaucoma Hemifield Test
Virtual field normal result
Virtual field glaucoma result
Virtual field glaucoma result
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Virtual field headset
Start exams and review results by logging into our website on a PC or mobile device in any exam room, nursing home, or mobile clinic. A lightweight carrying case is included in every order. Your office is wireless, now your visual field test is too.
Virtual field on a patient
Visual field exam
Got questions?
The questions below are frequently asked by doctors who are new to our platform. If your question is missing, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
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Can I bill insurance?
Yes, Virtual Field can bill codes 92081 (Superior 36), 92082 (screening) and 92083 (BOLT, full threshold). Test results are always available in your account.
Is your device supported by research?
Yes, there are several completed and ongoing studies on Virtual Field. Completed studies have been presented at ASCRS and ASRS in 2019 and 2020.
What is your regulatory status?
Virtual Field is a Class I medical device and is registered and listed with the FDA. We follow all applicable regulatory requirements.
Is an eye patch required?
No, stimuli are only presented to one eye at a time in the headset, so no eye patch is required and the test is not paused to switch eyes.
How do I correct for refractive error?
Two trial lens adapters are included in each headset for vision correction using spherical equivalents.
How is the device cleaned?
Each headset comes with 100 sanitary pads that stick onto the headset. We also recommend cleaning with alcohol wipes between each use.
What is the BOLT strategy?
BOLT is our proprietary thresholding strategy that decreases the total testing time by 2-4 minutes with industry standard threshold prediction methods.
How does the free trial work?
The first 30 days on your account are free. After that, your card will be billed on a monthly or annual basis depending on your plan. Return your device to cancel.