Visual field testing,
now in virtual reality.
Reliable results on a device you can pick up and carry.
Slip on, lean back, relax. You can finally test patients who have trouble with the uncomfortable requirements of conventional visual field machines.
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We perform monocular testing without the need for an eye patch. Both eyes stay open, saving time for your patients and technicians.
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Start exams and review results by logging into our website on a PC or mobile device in any exam room, nursing home, or mobile clinic.
A lightweight carrying case is included in every order. Your office is wireless, now your visual field test is too.
Better care for everyone
Software and hardware optimized for quality patient experiences.
The only cable we send you is a charger, so all you need to start testing is a Wi-Fi connection.
Don’t get lost in translation. We administer instructions in 8 languages and counting.
Minimize risk by scaling your practice based on real monthly patient flow, not projections.
Our intuitive results page has all the metrics you need: FP, FN, PSD, MD, and more. It’s easy to import results into any EMR software.
Test results from every device in your practice are accessible from the same location.
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Simpler testing, better prices. Scale your practice with the power of virtual reality, without big up-front costs. You have access to the latest technology, no matter the size of your practice.
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We help power quality vision care in offices across the country. Headquartered in New York City, Virtual Field is a small team of doctors and software engineers working to expand access to quality visual field results.
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